International students whose period of study in Chile is less than 90 days do not require a student visa. They can study in Chile on a tourist visa.

If the duration of your studies in Chile is more than 90 days, you must apply for a student visa (Visa de Estudiante).

International students who require a student visa must apply for it at the Chilean embassy/consulate in their place of residence. For an overview of Chilean embassies, visit:

In order to apply for a Chilean student visa, you will, among other things, need to present the following at the embassy/consulate:

  • Letter of acceptance from the higher education institution in Chile
  • Proof of adequate funds to cover the cost of study and living
  • Health insurance

Allow around 2-6 weeks for the issuing of your student visa to Chile.

The student visa is valid for a maximum of one year but can be extended. For students on a scholarship program, the student visa is valid for the duration of the scholarship.