Top Bachelor of Laws Programs in South Africa 2019/2020

By earning an LLB, individuals are able to certify to current and future employers that they possess a comprehensive understanding of the analytical and critical thinking skills that are needed by someone in the field of law.   

An LLM allows you to legally arbitrage tussles in any field of career specialization. A Master of Law gives wealth of knowledge, most people who graduate from this degree can specialize in any field of legal defense.

A country situated to the southern tip of Africa, South Africa has a rich culture that you will never get enough of while touring or studying here. The languages here include Afrikaans and English, as well nine other official languages. The campus life of the vast South African University, University of Johannesburg or any other university will be mind blowing. You will love the tropical climate and interacting with other students from South African and from around the world

Bachelors of Laws (LLB) in South Africa

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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

University of Fort Hare
Campus Full-time February 2020 South Africa Alice

All our qualifications are accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE)  and recognized by the  Law  Society of South Africa  (LSSA),  the General Council of the Bar (GCB) and all local and international employers of law graduates or legal professionals. Our academic staff is experienced, dynamic, and passionate about ensuring excellence in their teaching, research, and community engagement endeavors.

LLB (Baccalaureus Legum)

University of Johannesburg
Campus Full-time 2 - 4 years January 2020 South Africa Johannesburg

The purposes of the LLB degree are to equip the student with a reflective understanding of the law so as to enable the student to apply the law in the competent and effective provision of legal services to the community.