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LLM is Latin for Legum Magister, signifying Master of Laws. Our Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program in American Law is a one-year graduate program. Foreign law graduates who successfully complete the program are awarded the degree “LL.M. in American Law.”

Students of higher education who wish to gain a greater understanding of the legal regulations and processes that deal specifically with business relations often pursue a Master of Laws degree, also known as an LLM in business law.


The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the "USA", the "US", the "United States", "America", or simply "the States". American colleges are funded by "tuition" charged to the student, which is often quite expensive, very commonly reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Eugene is said to be the second-largest city in the state of Oregon. Due to its location, a main environmental concern in the city is the high pollen count which occurs every year.

Best LLM Degree in Business Law in Eugene in USA

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LL.M. Business Law Concentration

University of Oregon School of Law
Campus Full time 2 semesters January 2019 USA Eugene

The Oregon LL.M. program is a full-time program and requires at least two semesters of study. [+]

LL.M. Program Duration

The Oregon LL.M. program is a full-time program and requires at least two semesters of study.

LL.M. Course Requirements

Students who elect the Business Law concentration must complete at least 24-semester credits of required and elective courses as follows:

Required Courses (if a student has taken the same or substantially similar J.D. course, an approved substitute course will be required):

Business Associations Federal Income Tax I Contracts (for students who do not hold a J.D.) Secured Transactions

At least one of the following courses:

Intellectual Property Survey IP Licensing Copyrights Sales or Sales Survey Trademark Law International Business Transactions Patent Law Accounting for Lawyers ... [-]