LL.Ms in Finance in Dubai United Arab Emirates

An LL.M. is the first step towards academics in many countries. It presents many opportunity to specialize in a particular field or to undertake thorough research. It can also prove beneficial in obtaining a doctoral level degree in law.

Finance is the discipline concerned with the management of money and includes personal, corporate, and public finance. Though usually associated with asset and debt management in terms of investment banking, finance also includes other specializations like accounting and retirement planning.

Dubai is one of the most advanced and modern cities in the world. The city is home to beautiful architecture, big businesses and tourist attractions. The town is also home to some of the region’s most prestigious universities and colleges.

Top Master of Laws (LLM) in Finance in Dubai in United Arab Emirates

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Master of Laws (LLM) in Financial Crimes and Money Laundering


The Master of Laws (LLM) in Financial Crimes and Money Laundering is a unique opportunity for all interested in the prevention of financial crimes. The course is tailored to m ...

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