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Online LLM Degrees in Law and Regulation in Nicosia Cyprus 2020

An LLM or Master of Laws degree is an academic degree, often sought by students with undergraduate law degrees who are looking to educate themselves more thoroughly in one specific area of law study. LLM programs are research-oriented and typically last for one year.

Studies in law and regulation may prepare aspiring lawyers and policy makers to understand the relationships between law, regulation and enforcement. Students may learn techniques for writing effective regulations and predicting and analyzing regulatory impacts.

Higher education in Cyprus is conducted in the five common international languages namely English, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek and Chinese. This has solved issues of language barriers in these higher education institutions enabling even international students to seek the country’s higher education.

Nicosia has a big student community due to the numerous universities and colleges that are located there. The student culture can be noticed as soon as you land in this city, but all in all its due to the quality education offered by the city’s higher learning institutions.

Online Master of Laws Degree in Law and Regulation in Nicosia in Cyprus

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University of Nicosia

Aims and objectives of the program are to provide students with the opportunity for specialization in two particular fields of legal science, (a) European Business Law an ... [+]

Duration (years): 1.5 Years (3 Semesters) Qualification Awarded: Master of Laws (LLM) Level of Qualification: Master Degree (2nd Cycle) Language of Instruction: Greek Mode of Study: Distance Learning Minimum ECTS Credits: 90 Profile of the Programme

Aims and objectives of the programme are to:

provide students with the opportunity for specialization in two particular fields of legal science, (a) European Business Law and (b) Human Rights and Social Justice, both at a theoretical and at a practical level. It provides postgraduate education to holders of a Bachelor in Law or of some other relevant Bachelor (Political Science, European Politics, IR, Economics etc.) Ιt mainly, but not exclusively, addresses itself to individuals who work or intend to do so in fields relevant to legal science (lawyers, judges, legal consultants or in general employees of companies and of other private sector entities or organizations, members of the public service or of some other public or semi-public agency or organization, members of non-governmental organizations, diplomats etc.)... [-]

Cyprus Nicosia
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