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Best Distance learning Masters of Laws in Tax Law in Puebla Mexico 2019

An LLM or Master of Laws degree is an academic degree, often sought by students with undergraduate law degrees who are looking to educate themselves more thoroughly in one specific area of law study. LLM programs are research-oriented and typically last for one year.

Tax law deals with the constitutional, regulatory, common-law and statutory rules governing taxation. LLM in Tax Law students take courses that provide comprehensive, in-depth information about various types of tax (such as income tax, estate tax, gift tax, property tax, goods tax, services tax, and more).

While distance learning courses have due dates that must be met, there is a fabulous deal of compliance as to when you can carry out assignments when studying at a distance. With the online option, You could exit the discussion group as required to return to work and then join after work if needed. Distance learning courses can be taken in whatever place you have Internet access. You can even complete classes from the Internet lounge in any hotel around the world if you need a vacation.

Puebla demonstrates the unique Spanish culture, apart from its art and architecture the city is also considered as the central education hub in Mexico. Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) is the most famous university of the city offering various programs including history, general physics, English etc.

Distance learning Master of Laws Program in Tax Law in Puebla in Mexico

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University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP)

This Master in Fiscal Law program facilitates the acquisition of capabilities to analyze the legal and fiscal aspects within the national context and international aspect ... [+]

Master of Fiscal LawThis master program facilitates the acquisition of capabilities to analyze the legal and fiscal aspects within the national context and international aspects; to solve fiscal and financial problems; as well as analyze the current legal policies and propose adaptations and reforms to them, also to represent individuals and organizations in legal proceedings.

Candidate Profile

Bachelor degree in Law, Accounting, Economics, Finances or similar areas, with the intention to deepen their knowledge of law and accounting relations. Good skills in reading and written expression. Logical and mathematical reasoning. Good disposition towards collaborative work over the internet. Able to use Information Technologies and computers. Positive attitude towards self-regulated learning and self-training. English proficiency equivalent to 450 points in TOEFL. Knowledge about Mexican law and the fiscal system to better understand and to be able to structure through research a series of procedures before fiscal authorities. ... [-]
Mexico Puebla City
July 2019
2 years
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