Study Law in Latvia

What is a Law Degree in Latvia?

Students who wish to work as a lawyer in Latvia must first obtain their Masters degree in law (LLM). This is done through the Master programs available at the universities. Students will earn the LLM degree, which is also used for finance areas. This master's law degree is similar to other European master degree programs in the legal field. It is common for students to obtain this degree outside of Latvia in another European nation.

Law Higher Education in Latvia

Enrolling in law school in Latvia is not difficult to do for foreign students. They are welcome to attend. Individuals will need to first apply for the educational program at the master's degree level, which requires completion of a recognized bachelor's degree. Once the school accepts the student, a student visa is secured by applying with a school letter to the immigration department.

Latvia has a growing economy. It also has a strong legal system in place. There is demand for individuals who can fill in gaps in international law, environmental law, and human rights law as lawyers. These can be challenging positions to obtain, often requiring experience and education in a focused area, but they can be a rewarding career.