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An MBA Law is a master degree in Business Administration with a special focus on law. The MBA Law degree is growing in importance, as it is important for business leaders and managers to have a fundamental understanding of law.

In an MBA Law program, students will examine issues in corporate finance, organizational behavior, strategic management, taxation, constitutional law, and legislation, among many other subjects. Most MBA Law programs will require a comprehensive thesis or final project for the degrees to be awarded.

The variety of different MBA Law programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular MBA Law programs listed below.

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What is an MBA Law?

What is an MBA Law?
An MBA in Law is a Master of Business Administration graduate degree with a specialization in Law. Many law faculties also offer combined MBA/Juris Doctor degree programs. These combined law degree and MBA programs qualify their graduates to take the bar examination and practice law while adding the competitive professional edge of an MBA. MBA in Law programs are ideal for students who are interested in corporate law, entrepreneurship, management consulting or business.

What are the benefits of taking an MBA in Law?
Taking an MBA in Law or a combined MBA/Juris Doctor program has numerous benefits. Notably, graduates from MBA in Law programs may effectively have twice as many career opportunities due to the dual-focus nature of their law degree. It typically takes only three years to complete an MBA in Law. Many law faculties also offer part time or online MBA Law degree opportunities, allowing students to work while studying.

What do we study in an MBA Law?
Depending on whether the program is an MBA/Juris Doctor combined program or an MBA in Law, the types of required classes may differ. MBA in Law programs may feature courses in Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Human Resources, Information Systems, Operations and Sustainability with elective courses in Business Law, Comparative Commercial Arbitration, Trade Law and Banking Law. MBA/Juris Doctor programs will also focus on modules required for the bar exam, such as Contract Law, Criminal Law and Torts Law.

How much does it cost to take an MBA Law?
Costs of an MBA in Law vary based on the law faculty, mode of study and country. Prospective students should take into account tuition, student fees, supplies and living costs. Some law faculties will support students in applying for scholarships or stipends, where eligible. It is important to contact the universities for more information about MBA in Law degree prices.

What are the MBA in Law degree requirements?
Applicants to an MBA in Law degree program should have graduated from a relevant undergraduate program with high marks. Some universities also require applicants to have had at least two years of work experience in their field prior to enrollment in the MBA in Law. Some MBA in Law programs require students to do research and deliver a thesis paper. Others MBAs in Law are comprised of requisite coursework throughout the three years of study. Why take an Online MBA in Law?
Students who cannot commute to campus, or plan to continue working through MBA in Law studies, can apply for an Online MBA in Law program. Top universities around the world offer MBAs in Law online, which offer the same qualifications as on-campus degrees. Contact the schools directly from this website for more information about online MBA in Law degrees and other topics. What is the dual degree: MBA/Juris Doctor?
MBA/Juris Doctor combined programs may take four years to complete, but offer many benefits. Some universities require applicants to submit two applications: one to the law faculty and one to the school of business. In most cases, MBA classes will be taught at the business school, while law courses will be taken at the law faculty.

Where to study an MBA Law?
MBA in Law programs are offered at top universities around the world. Some students use obtaining an MBA in Law degree as an opportunity to study abroad. There are outstanding law studies programs in Canada, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA and many more countries in Europe and around the world. Read more about MBA in Law programs, and combined MBA/Juris Doctor degrees, below!