The Doctoral Program in Individual Person and Legal Protections is characterized by a strong commitment to interdisciplinarity. Ph.D. candidates enrolled in the program specialize in one of the following areas:

  • private law
  • comparative private law
  • European and comparative public law
  • constitutional law
  • legal theory
  • criminal law

The Programme consists of the following curricula:

  • Human Person, Liabilities and Contracts
  • Constitutional Law and protection of Individual
  • Criminal Law and the Individual
  • Legal Protection in Comparative and Transnational Law
  • Law and Technology

The three-year Doctoral Program encompasses methodological courses; general and interdisciplinary courses; specific courses in the above mentioned legal areas. A number of additional seminars, workshops, and research meetings take place every month involving Ph.D. researchers, Faculty members, guest lectures (to get more info about seminars and lectures please visit the page "Seminars and Workshops" in the menu on the left of this page).

Language Courses are provided for enhancing linguistic competence ((English, Italian as a foreign language, and others).

For admission, candidates have to submit a research project and their curriculum vitae and list of publications. An interview shall follow, after a preliminary screening, based on the subject and quality of the research project and its feasibility within the fields of interest pursued by the Faculty members.

Successful candidates shall be provided a three-years scholarship (grant), and shall avail from Monday to Saturday of a one-day free meal at the canteen of the Scuola for the full duration of their doctoral period. They shall have access to all the facilities and services at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

In order to strengthen the international outlook of their research projects, Ph.D. candidates are requested to organize a stay abroad as visiting students for no less than three months. The Scuola has signed a number of memoranda of understanding with Schools of Law in many countries.

The individual record of each Ph.D. candidate and his/ her advancements in research activity are regularly scrutinized by the Program faculty.

A dedicated Supervisor is appointed for each Ph.D. candidate also in order to facilitate and monitor his/her activities and foster coordination and enhance fruitful relations between the latter and faculty members.

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