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The United Arab Emirates is a country located in the southeastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It is close to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. The country has a diverse cultural makeup, including one that is divided by various emirates, or principalities, all of which are quite different ethically. Known as one of the richest parts of the world due to the oil reserves present there, this area is growing in terms of legal needs. For those who wish to study and learn the legal system here, there are often key job openings available. What Is the Law System in the United Arab Emirates? The legal system in the United Arab Emirates is one that is based on the Constitution of the country. There are components in this constitution for most needs, including freedom of communication, religion, movement, and opinion. The constitution is upheld by the country's Federal Supreme Court. There are Sharia courts and civil courts present here. These laws regulate marriage, divorce, and child custody and all vary from one area to the next.

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What Is the Law Degree in United Arab Emirates? Individuals who wish to work in this area will need to obtain the proper education to do so. In the United Arab Emirates, the initial degree is a bachelor's degree. There are several master's programs available as well as doctoral programs. The area's law degrees are quite high in quality and much like those found in western areas such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Extensive study options are available for individuals who wish to pursue this level of education. Law Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates The selection of any school requires considering the opportunities present. The country offers a wide range of law schools. Some of these offer very specialized areas of study. Others are less specific. There is some competition for getting into well treasured schools in the field of law. Yet, there tends to be openings available each year for those who are well qualified with high grades from previous studies. This includes international students. Students tend to study in one or more of the various departments of law. This is broken down by the university, but tends to include a department for private law, a department for Sharia and Islamic studies, and a department of private law. Most students will enroll in the area they are most likely to practice in once they leave the school. After studying for four to six years, depending on the area of focus, students are able to take a licensing exam from the Bar Association. This is a very difficult test and many students do not pass the initial time. The exam is a requirement for individuals to complete to allow them admittance into the Bar Association. This is a requirement for individuals who wish to practice law in the area. International students are often welcomed to study in many of the universities present in the United Arab Emirates. However, this starts with an application with the school of choice initially. Then, the student is able to obtain the necessary travel documentation. Upon leaving school, many students will spend time working in the field through apprenticeship programs. This provides them with a working knowledge of the field and allows the student to gain important insight into the processes. Most often, there are opportunities for students, including well trained and dedicated international students, to find positions within legal firms and through various court-appointed positions. Though challenging, the process of becoming an attorney here can be very rewarding.


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