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LLM in LLBs Economic Law Studies Energy Law

The Master of Laws is a form of further education for lawyers. People who already have a Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Laws can gain a specialized knowledge of a specific body of law through an LLM program. Full-time students may be able to gain an LLM in a year.

What is an LLM in Energy Law? This degree centers on the branch of the legal system that focuses on climate change, renewable energy policy, land use and global energy needs. Students may learn how to evaluate and address new energy production and distribution policies. Programs may use a variety of learning tools, including lectures, discussions, dissertations and externships. While the required courses can be very different, they may include or be similar to environmental law, energy law regulation and policy, oil and gas tax, and natural resources law and policy.

An LLM in Energy Law gives participants a chance to build analytical, communication and time-management skills. All of these abilities are necessary for a successful career in law but can also help a person lead a more fulfilling personal life.

There is no set cost for an LLM. In fact, some universities may have tuition fluctuations for each starting class. Applicants can get a specific estimate by contacting a school directly.

While many students who earn an LLM go on to become lawyers, judges or advocates, not everyone enters a law-related career field. Some graduates may go on to become government policymakers, international environmental consultants, energy law journalists, professors or directors of nonprofit organizations. The exact career a person chooses may depend on his or her previous work experience and other education.

While LLM programs were traditionally taught in English-speaking countries, many schools around the world now offer this education both online and in person. Ready to get more information? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.