Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) is currently home to more than 2,200 international students from 137 different countries. The largest student population is coming from South Korea, Russia, Poland, Pakistan, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and Thailand. Since the launch of the "Study in BIT” initiative in 2013, the past five years have witnessed that BIT made great strides in international students enrolment and management with the number of registered students increasing exponentially from hundreds to more than 2,200, ranking first among national universities with an average annual growth rate of 20%.

Our university is committed to cultivating high-level global leaders with international vision, competition and cooperation ability in the global political economy, culture education and science and technology. Possessed with a scientific and comprehensive education and management system, Beijing Institute of Technology is now regarded as one of the best destinations for international students studying in China and it is widely acknowledged for its high-quality intakes, successful graduates, vast job opportunities for graduate students, full scholarship programs, efficient daily management, adequate student life support as well as colorful student activities.

The Office of International Students, as an educational and administrative office of BIT, is responsible for recruiting, managing and teaching Chinese as a foreign language to all international students with various backgrounds from all around the world. In addition to the coordinated work in admission management, life management, social management and rendering logistics services, the Office also undertakes the tasks of offering international students Chinese language and Chinese cultural courses while providing a variety of Chinese and English-taught programs and customized short-term programs. Here, we are equipped with a competent management team featuring rich work experiences and comprehensive abilities, who will serve as a bridge to help international students gain a better understanding of BIT, of Beijing as the capital city and of China. It is our sincere hope that with the dedication and commitment from the management team, all of the international students will eventually fall in love with this city and live comfortably at BIT.

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Beijing Institute Of Technology

The program of Law at BIT, with law as its key subject, has carried out characteristic education in Jurisprudence (with Customary Law and Legal Methods as the core), Civi ... [+]

The program of Law at BIT, with law as its key subject, has carried out characteristic education in Jurisprudence (with Customary Law and Legal Methods as the core), Civil and Commercial Law (with Intellectual Property Law as the core), Environmental and Resources Protection Law (with Energy Law and Environmental Tort Law as the core), International law (with Laws of Air Space and Outer Space and International Human Rights Protection Law as the core) and Procedural Law (with Judicial and Procedural System as the core).

Students are equipped with the solid basic theory of law, the basic training of legal thought and legal practice, and the background knowledge of natural science foundation and science and engineering, who then have the ability to analyze and solve problems with legal theory and legal methods.... [-]

China Beijing
September 2019
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