University of Lausanne, Faculty of Law , Criminal Justice and Public Administration


Founded in 1537, the University of Lausanne is composed of seven faculties where approximately 11,500 students and 2,300 researchers work and study. Emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary approach, with close cooperation between students, professors, and teaching staff.

The University of Lausanne is situated at the heart of the French-speaking region of Switzerland, in the middle of Europe - close to France, Germany, Italy, and Austria.

The University of Lausanne, Faculty of Law and Criminal Justice

The University of Lausanne situated a conveniently short distance from Geneva and its International organizations offer a unique postgraduate programme (starting either in Fall or Spring semesters) leading to the award of an LL.M in International and European Economic and Commercial Law.

The programme is entirely in English as per the following specializations:

  • International and European Economic Law.
  • International and European Commercial Law.

Furthermore, French language courses are available throughout the year.This way even students who don't speak French, in the beginning, have a good chance to acquire a decent level of this language for a career in government, business, legal practice or in an international organization.

The courses are given by a team of distinguished academics and experienced practitioners, working in the Government, in major international law firms and international organizations in Geneva as well as the EU institutions in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg.



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